I don`t have a company. Can I order from you?
Since we are just doing wholesale, only registered companies are able to buy from us.

Where do you produce the goods?
As one of the few manufacturers in our industry, we still produce in Europe. Among our suppliers are quality companies like Wissner, YKK etc.

Is there any MOQ?
No, because we want you to try our products risk-free.

What are the payment options?
You can pay by direct debit (only within Germany), credit card, payment in advance by bank transfer and PayPal.

What are the delivery times?
We ship your goods usually within 1-2 days. In case it takes a little longer, you will receive an email in advance. Once the goods have left our warehouse, you receive your order within 2 working days

How much are the shipping costs?
Shipping cost are adjusted to the real transport price and delivery cost is based on the weight of chosen products.

Can I receive a discount?
Since we don`t have fixed discount scales, please call to our sales representative in order to discuss a possible discount.

How I can handle returns and complaints?
To ensure that returns and complaints are handle as soon as possible, please click here.

Can I use your images?
To use our product pictures it is necessary to have our permission. All our images are protected by a digital watermark. Unauthorized use is immediately brought to the criminal complaint. You will receive it after sending your inquiry to info(at)noirhandmade.de.

Can I sell the products on auction sites?
The sale of our goods and the associated use of our images absolutely requires prior consultation.


If questions have remained unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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